Taylor is going to be a famous actor one day.  He promised that he wouldn’t forget me when he made it to the top 🙂

His not so casual way of getting down from the ledge!


Angela’s 16th Birthday

As I drove up the 5 fwy I was a little nervous. Why? 1. it was super windy. 2. I was on my way to photograph 13 teenage girls!

Angela didn’t want to have a normal birthday party. She wanted to have a fun day with her friends looking fabulous in front of the camera. They spent the morning getting their makeup done and met me after for a few hours of shooting. Thankfully the wind died down and the girls were the exact opposite of what I expected them to be. I couldn’t have had more fun shooting them 🙂 As I drive to Vegas today to photograph my cousin Alexa’s sweet 16 birthday party, I will think of these girls and how easy and fun it was to hangout and shoot them and cross my fingers that the kids in Nevada are just as good to me 🙂

The gorgeous birthday girl! 🙂

And the rest of the beautiful girls…

Angela’s mom set everything up and she did an awesome job making the day just right for Angela. 

Thank you girls for such a fun day!


Alexa is my BEAUTIFUL cousin who lives way to far away 😦

She was visiting a few weeks ago and I was able to take some photos for her sweet 16th birthday.

Love you Alexa! You are amazingly beautiful and I hope we can get together for you senior pics!!!! 🙂



Chelsie & Robby

No phone calls…emails…facebook…nothing other than writing letters. That’s how Chelsie & Robby are going to have to communicate for the next 6 months while Robby is off to South Carolina to join the army.

I promised Robby that I would post one photo for him to see before he leaves but thanks to well behaved kids I was able to work on more 🙂







Vicki and her boys

The last time Vicki got photos taken of her boys she said they had flat tops. Hmmm….I’m guessing that was not in last few years! 🙂

Yes these boys are typical teenagers and didn’t want to take photos but they did did it for mom and they were great 🙂

Vicki, I hope you enjoy these photos. I know it’s been a while since you’ve had photos taken!






This is the awkwardness of just starting the session and not really knowing what to do or how to pose. Which turned into a laugh which was just what I wanted 🙂


Lyssa’s Graduation Party

Lyssa’s Graduation party was at the Coco Palm in Pomona and it was amazing! A beautiful view fit for a wonderful night. It was nice to see her family again who I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. Congratulation Lyssa for all your hard work!

Lyssa and her husband


Lyssa’s dad got in on the fun 🙂


Work it Justin 🙂



Here’s Lyssa, Kimmy and I (or do I say me? I always get confused!) Whatever, you get the point…

The three of us played softball together back in the day.


Senior Portraits|Bree

You know how you take your senior pics the summer before you start your senior year and you hate the pics but you have to take them for the yearbook?

Well…it’s not too late to take them again and actually like them!!! That’s what Bree did! Thanks for letting me take your pics Bree 🙂




Are you kidding me!

Andre is an aspiring actor, model and rapper  and wanted some photos taken of himself. He told me that he was NOT photogenic! I was a bit worried after he said that…especially if he wants to be model. You have to be photogenic for that career! On my way to the session I remember thinking. “Oh man, this isn’t going to be easy!” Well….I show up and take one look at Andre and think “Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!” He was awesome in front of the camera 🙂 Andre, you are crazy if you still think you are not photogenic!


Joey & Amanda

No…not engagement photos. These two are already married and so in love.  I was shocked when Joey and Amanda told me that this was the FIRST time having a photographer photograph them! They said that their last “professional” pictures was from prom!!!! I was so glad to give them some new and updated photos 🙂


A day in Pasadena

I finally set aside a day just for me to get out and play with my camera. I went with my friend Megan who got some different shots from the day so check out her blog post. We wanted to play around with the sun a bit. I never have been able to get sun bursts in my shots before. I read this blog post from MCP Actions and realized what I was doing wrong. Now I got it! With a bit more practice I think I can get some great sun bursts, maybe something to hang in my house 🙂


I wanted to practice with different meter settings and white balance. So Megan was my BEAUTIFUL model!!!


We even met this little cutie 🙂 I think I want one 🙂


All in one session

We managed to squeeze grad pics for both mom and daughter and family portraits all in one session. It was a fun and relaxing session. I really enjoyed shooting this family. There were a lot of pics I could have posted due to the fact that there was such a variety to choose from. But I just decided to pick my top 2. Enjoy!


Home sweet home

Tim and Angelina were such troopers! They were willing to be photographed at  a spot that I have been eyeing for a while. This spot isn’t the cutest place when you see it but I thought I could make something fun and different out of it. Tim is on leave from serving in Iraq and they wanted to get some pictures taken while he is home. Aren’t they cute!!!!