Derek & James

Loved hangin’ out with these adorable boys! Although they didn’t find me funny 😦

On a side note…I am so thankful for kind people! I’m sure mom and dad were too. Dad put his wallet, phone, and keys on the top of the white fence you see in the first photo. We went about our session and when it was time to leave…you guessed it! Wallet, keys, and phone were gone! Thankfully a VERY kind man picked them up while we were taking pics at the playground. Everything was returned thanks to Mr. Kindness (that’s what I’m gonna call him!) πŸ™‚





Marina & Paul

I was looking for models (posted it here) for me and my lovely friends Megan and Rebeca to have a little workshop day.Β Marina & Paul were one lovely couple that we had the pleasure of photographing. They have been married for 8 years and have 3 handsome boys. You would have never known!!! When it was time to get in front of the camera they worked it like they were newlyweds!!! Thank you Marina & Paul for being absolutely wonderful πŸ™‚

We had the pleasure of shooting at the BEAUTIFUL Hidden Oaks in Rancho Cucamonga. Not only were we photographing at an amazingly beautiful location, Julie fromΒ Claremont Florist provided us with these beautiful bouquets…



We even got to eat this delicious cake by Divine Cakes by Janice!







So this was where I wanted to focus on getting a series of shots without moving the bride and groom very much. I often don’t have tons of time while photographing a bride and groom on their wedding day so I try and get as many different shots in just a couple of minutes. Here goes…





Hold that thought…gotta re-apply the lips! πŸ™‚



I gotta say it again…THANK YOU Marina & Paul!!!

Holly & Erik’s Engagement

These two love birds mean the world to me! Β They are perfect for each other in every way and I can’t wait for them to be husband and wife and have some babies! Oh wait…did I just say that out loud?!?! Β heehee πŸ™‚

Holly is like a sister to me. I have no doubt she will be an amazing wife to Erik. Β She’s been such a major part of my life the past 10 years and I don’t know where I would be without her. Erik you are one lucky man! ok…Holly is lucky too πŸ™‚

I can’t wait for your big day…it’s going to be FUN!!!!!!


I brought along Will (my hubby) to hang out with us and gave him a camera….he took this shot at this awesome lookin’ wall. I have to say I was proud of him!


Gorgeous πŸ™‚



These next two are totally Holly & Erik…they are pros at random silly picsΒ dsc_7951

I love it πŸ™‚


Seal it with a kiss πŸ™‚



This morning was our first momtourage meeting!

Wondering what Momtourage is?

It’s a place for moms to get together with other moms to build friendships, be encouraged in the different stages in our lives.

Honestly, when I fist signed up to be apart of this group back in 2007 I ONLY signed up because one mom asked me to and I felt bad for saying no. I thought that I would have NOTHING in common with these women. Really in my head I was thinking OLD women…SORRY LADIES! At the time I was 23 and it seemed like every other mom I saw was way older than me. Why would I want to hang out with moms who were 5, 10, 15 years older than me?

Fast forward to present day and I can honestly say that these “OLD” women have been such a big part of who I am as a mother, wife, and friend. I now realize that no matter what age you are. If you are a mother you can relate at any age. Thank you momtourage moms for being amazing friends to me and I’m sorry for calling you old! πŸ™‚

I walked in and this LOVELY treat was waiting for me πŸ™‚


Then more treats for breakfast! Pumpkin cream cheese muffins…yummy πŸ™‚


My kids having fun in their class


The lovely ladies at my table. Can’t wait for another great year!

If you want to learn more about momtourage we are on faceboook


Models Wanted!

Models Wanted!!!

Want to get your photo taken by three talented photographers? Here’s your chance! You just need to be available on September 11th and either be married or engaged.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! Just requirements! You must be willing to have fun πŸ™‚ If you are married…girls, Β you will need to get back into that wedding dress! Men, you will need to look nice too. A jacket and tie will do.

What do you get out of it?

Other than the privilege of being photographed for FREE by amazing photographers. You will get 5 digital images of your choice from each photographer as a thank you for modeling.


Why not? If you are a sports player don’t you practice playing your sport? You just don’t go out and play in the games right? Or if you are a teacher don’t you prepare yourself for the upcoming school year?

You get the point, yah?

How does it work?

Email me a photo of you and your fiance/spouse to and tell me why you think you would be awesome models. You can be totally honest and tell me if you just want the free pics! All emails must be sent before August 27th. I will email you back with further details like locations and times available. There are only a handful of couples we can photograph in one day so get your email to me asap if you are interested. Oh and the photo you send doesn’t have to be fabulous. A snapshot from your phone will do.


I photographed Miss Rebecca parents wedding last Β September and now they have themselves a beautiful daughter!

Thank you Jen & Ray for letting me be apart of another special time in your lives πŸ™‚


Mom made this headband…the flowers were from their wedding. So cute!


When Rebecca decided she was done taking pics…


we decided to get one last pic of dad cuddling with her πŸ™‚



Emily was a perfect angel for me. Here’s your sneak peek Angela.

I hope these pics will make up for all the times me and Boo were annoying to you when we were growing up!



she loves her changing table πŸ™‚




Chelsie & Robby

No phone calls…emails…facebook…nothing other than writing letters. That’s how Chelsie & Robby are going to have to communicate for the next 6 months while Robby is off to South Carolina to join the army.

I promised Robby that I would post one photo for him to see before he leaves but thanks to well behaved kids I was able to work on more πŸ™‚







Vicki and her boys

The last time Vicki got photos taken of her boys she said they had flat tops. Hmmm….I’m guessing that was not in last few years! πŸ™‚

Yes these boys are typical teenagers and didn’t want to take photos but they did did it for mom and they were great πŸ™‚

Vicki, I hope you enjoy these photos. I know it’s been a while since you’ve had photos taken!






This is the awkwardness of just starting the session and not really knowing what to do or how to pose. Which turned into a laugh which was just what I wanted πŸ™‚


Erin & Scott’s Wedding

I met Erin & Scott while I was photographing Scott’s cousins wedding last October. Erin emailed a few weeks after the wedding saying this…

“I LOVED the pictures you captured for Breanna wedding! I love all the candid pictures you got and all the action, it really made the wedding come alive again!”

Fast forward to May 15th and I’m photographing Erin & Scott’s big day!

Let’s start Β the photos off with some fine lookin’ legs πŸ™‚


The girls started the party right off the bat. No need to wait for the reception!


Erin’s bouquet had a photo of her mom on it.





I usually don’t post wedding party pics on the blog but this location was just awesome. I love the backdrop πŸ™‚




Thank you Erin & Scott for letting me photograph your big day!


Lindsay & Chad continued…

Lindsay & Chad get a little extra love on the blog since it took me FOREVER to post their pics. You never know when things are going to come up in life to rock your world. So once again thank you Lindsay and Chad for hangin’ in there waiting patiently for your pics.

Lindsay is a hairstylist/makeup artist and did not want her bridesmaids hair to fall. So she used almost an entire bottle of hairspray to make sure their hair lasted ALL DAY LONG. As you can see her maid of honor can barely breath from all the hairspray flowin’ in the room πŸ™‚


Lindsay did an AMAZING job on her own makeup


This little guy was barking at me the whole time I was at Lindsay’s house. What a good guard dog! πŸ™‚


I love how it takes 4 bridesmaids to help get a dress on. What other time would you need that many helping hands while getting dressed? πŸ™‚


Yup…they got handcuffed!


Lindsay serenading Chad…




A big family hug πŸ™‚


This was hilarious! Lindsay put these massive granny panties in her garter for Chad to whip out. The guests thought it was awesome!


They thought it would not only be a good idea to have the best man be a chair for Lindsay but to put the bazooka sized underwear on his head too πŸ™‚


A moment…

I’m not saying that this pic is gonna win an award or anything but I LOVE it. You know why?

I see Nancy & Jose Β twice a week when our kids are running around at their Tae Kwon Do class and we get 30 whole minutes to just sit and watch. For us stay at home mommies you know you NEVER get 30 minds to just sit. Once we hear “class dismissed” it’s back to chaos. Trying to get the kids in the car and back home to continue what we didn’t finish before we left.

SO…I love this photo because when Nancy & Jose got a night away to celebrate a Lyssa’s graduation. I got to see them without the everyday chaos. They were just in their moment so in love. Even if it was only a moment. They stopped and took it.


Lyssa’s Graduation Party

Lyssa’s Graduation party was at the Coco Palm in Pomona and it was amazing! A beautiful view fit for a wonderful night. It was nice to see her family again who I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. Congratulation Lyssa for all your hard work!

Lyssa and her husband


Lyssa’s dad got in on the fun πŸ™‚


Work it Justin πŸ™‚



Here’s Lyssa, Kimmy and I (or do I say me? I always get confused!) Whatever, you get the point…

The three of us played softball together back in the day.


Natalie & Bobby’s Engagement

I love the fact that Natalie & Bobby are high school sweethearts. They just celebrated 10 years together and are trying the knot in June.

Natalie I don’t know how you waited 10 years for your big day! I could hardly wait 3 years to be married to my high school sweetheart! hehe

Really though, you two look beautiful together and I am REALLY looking forward to your wedding!



Gorgeous πŸ™‚




Shannon & Patrick

You never know what to expect when you walk into a newborn shoot. Now add two newborns at the same time and you REALLY don’t know what to expect!

Shannon & Partick were such sweethearts. They loved taking photos by themselves but weren’t feelin’ each other when we tried to get a shot of them together. So…instead of trying to work against them I chose to go with what they were giving me and embrace the reality of the day. As you will see in the last two shots πŸ™‚

Thank you mom and dad for allowing me into your home to photograph your little angels!

Sleeping beauty (Shannon)


Mom and dad requested a shot with a flower. Hope this makes them smile πŸ™‚


Patrick was all smiles…well until he had to take pics with his sister



Now Patrick is not happy! 😦


Now nobody is happy! 😦


Jeri & Dylan’s Wedding

Jeri & Dylan’s wedding was at the beautiful Mitten Building in Redlands. Β A big thank you goes out toΒ Megan for second shooting with me! Check out her blog post from the wedding.

Thank you Jeri & Dylan for letting us share your big day with you πŸ™‚

I loved Jeri’s dress. It fit her perfectly πŸ™‚


The stunning bride


Jeri & Dylan saw each other before the ceremony.

Dylan walking to see his bride for the first time…


The first look πŸ™‚



Mr. & Mrs.




You always get the best laughs during the speeches πŸ™‚


Senior Portraits|Bree

You know how you take your senior pics the summer before you start your senior year and you hate the pics but you have to take them for the yearbook?

Well…it’s not too late to take them again and actually like them!!! That’s what Bree did! Thanks for letting me take your pics Bree πŸ™‚




Every parent needs one…

I think every parent needs a photo like this. Just simple laughter and having fun with your kids can make such a beautiful photograph. When your kids are all grown up you will have such a beautiful memory of you and your kids. NOT posing, NOT saying cheese, just simply being themselves. So precious!


After playing with mom it was time to wrestle!


Our first vacation!!!

Will and I have been married for almost 7 years Β and we have NEVER been on a “real” vacation together. We so desperately needed one! So we stared saving and planning almost a Β year ago. We weren’t sure how we were going to ask someone to take care of our 2 and 3 year old Β for 7 days but we knew something would work out. Thankfully we have an amazing family who took care of that department πŸ™‚ So…4 weeks ago we were off to Cabo San Lucas!


I will admit I am TERRIFIED of the ocean. Just everything about it frightens me. Well…I actually jumped into the ocean and went snorkeling! Β When I first jumped in my heart was racing and I made Will hold my hand. I was NOT enjoying it at all. I was freaking out looking for sharks and not even looking at the beauty that was right in front of me. After a while I let Will’s hand go. Mainly because I knew I was holding him back. I even caught myself a few times forgetting about the sharks and enjoying all the cute little tropical fish around me πŸ™‚ THEN…all of a sudden it felt like something stung my leg. I freaked out and looked under the water for the shark because I knew that’s what it was :} Nothing! What the heck! My leg started burning and it was getting hard to swim. I went back to the boat and saw my leg had what looked like a big blister forming. AAAHHH!!!!! What is that!!!!! I asked the boat dude and he said it was a jellyfish sting. OMGOSH!!!!! He acted like it was nothing and walked away. I was scared but then thought about it and it didn’t really hurt that bad so I knew I wasn’t dying and if it was serious that guy wouldn’t have just acted like I got a splinter. Β The pain went away a few hour later and I was fine. Oh and No, nobody peed on me :}

So, I thought I was going to go snorkeling and overcome my fear of the ocean. Yah, that didn’t happen at all! I think it just made me even more terrified! Other than that experience I had so much fun πŸ™‚

The resort we stayed at…


We got to hold this cutie.


Whale watching…


I love this pic cuz it looks like that whale is pissed and is going to ram that tiny little boat!


I could not believe some of the things I saw in Mexico. This guy was seriously driving around with those kids on the bike like that. Β I’m sorry but that guy is an IDIOT!


That’s us with our wonderful friends Ashley and Zach


The Tait Family

My first session for 2010!


Only girl with 4 brothers. She deserves a photo of just herself πŸ™‚


Yes, the guys thought of this one on their own. This was pretty much the only picture they were excited about taking! Although they Β weren’t excited about the rest of the session they very good about giving mom the family pics she wanted πŸ™‚


Last one for 2009

Last blog post for 2009! What a way to end the year with this awesome family πŸ™‚

Meet Leah and her family…


Their first photo together with EVERYONE πŸ™‚




Derek & James

I was super excited to meet Derek and James. I photographed them when they were still inside moms belly and I FINALLY got to meet them! They were super cute πŸ™‚


Look at them looking at each other!!!! Adorable!!!!!!!!


What are you looking at lady! I swear this is what they are thinking!