Chris & Dyanna’s Wedding

Chris & Dyanna’s wedding was at The Queen Mary in Long Beach. I’ve never walked so much at a wedding before. That ship is HUGE!!!! A big thanks to Rebeca for second shooting with me 🙂


Even though Chris had pink eye and wasn’t feeling very well, the day unfolded beautifully…

Dyanna you look BEAUTIFUL!!!

Pink eye and feelin’ crappy…Chris is still lookin’ like a stud 🙂

The first look…peeking around the corner to see her man!

Dyanna told me that they do not dance. They were even thinking of not doing a first dance at their reception. Ummm…really?!?!?!

You two dance like you are pros!!!

So glad they decided to do a first dance! even if they weren’t the only ones on the dance floor 🙂


One thought on “Chris & Dyanna’s Wedding

  1. Tara- These photos are amazing! Thank you so much for capturing all the memories! You and Rebeca were fantastic! Hope your feet didn’t hurt too much with all the walking! 🙂 Thank you again and I can’t wait to see the rest!!

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