Brittany & Justin’s Wedding

Brittany & Justin’s wedding was at Padua HIlls Theatre in Claremont. Let me tell you…the staff there was on top of everything! You can’t go wrong booking a wedding there. Seriously it’s my new favorite venue.


My day started off with the girls 🙂

Buttons, buttons, buttons! Brittany waits patiently as her mom buttons ALL the buttons!

Check the hair one last time before the veil


Brittany’s nephew waits patiently to deliver her wedding gift from her future husband 🙂

It was her something blue!

Praying before they headed outside

Meanwhile…Justin looking handsome

All the guys! Shot by my second shooter Megan

Loved the detail in Brittany’s dress and her beautiful flowers

Brittany!!! You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Seeing her dad for the first time!

Love it! 🙂

Big brother you can’t see this kiss!

Mr & Mrs 🙂

The first dance

Justin was not embarrassed at all during his brothers speech!

Justin danced better on his knees than I could ever try to do on my feet!

Was Brittany’s garter glued to her leg?!?! Justin is having a mighty hard time getting it off!

Grandpa Joe! I loved watching grandpa Joe. He made me smile the whole night 🙂

Yes…Brittany thinks her friends are hilarious!

Glow sticks!!!

A hug for her momma 🙂

Last photo of the night!

Congratulations Brittany & Justin!!!


4 thoughts on “Brittany & Justin’s Wedding

  1. Tara, the photos came out beautiful!!! (but how could they not with such a gorgeous couple!) You dud such a great job 🙂

  2. What beautiful photos! We’re so proud and happy for Britt and Justin!
    It was an evening to remember. Thanks giving us memories for a life time.

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